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"My session was absolutely incredible. Talie knew so much about me and my energy I was blown away. The integration she did was so powerful. I really can't put it into words and it was a personal journey. I am eternally grateful for meeting Talie and the opportunity to work with her. If you have been thinking doing a session, do it. You will not regret it.The investment in yourself is the best present you can give to your healing. Talie, thank you so much for sharing your gift.  You are a beautiful human!"

-brandi williams


frequency work 101

A High Voltage

superfreq — with talie 

Q & A + what to expect

Ep. 03

Unpacking what I call the “Science of Self” From body and soul literacy to the power of understanding vibration, higher consciousness, quantum physics and spiritual psych, let this podcast become a resource for you on your journey to self mastery.

4 core fundamentals Part 1

Ep. 02

what is frequency work + where to get started

Ep. 01

guiding the next gen to self mastery through the power of frequencies & higher truths.


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