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Understanding the programs we run, the patterns we accommodate and the causes and conditions of how our lives are the way they are is the key to beginning to creating from our true potential.

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In short, everything in the universe is made up of frequency, sound, vibration and energy-nothing is at rest. There is only one "pure source" to which we are a fractal of experiencing  itself in our own unique and individual expression. Our bodies are made up of the same atomic and subatomic material as the universe. WE are Tesla technology. Furthermore, our brains are quantum processors (peer reviewed, even the CIA used this process in the Gateway Process) and our reality is made up of binary code, algorithms like the matrix. When you begin this process it will feel like a bunch of quantum woo, pseudoscience, that's because mainstream science doesn't want free thinkers, they want predictable, newtonian materialists. When you embody you come in with a hard drive of information because you are the latest rendition of your family lineage, you're running enter your last name___19.0, therefore you are caring all  of their records and if you don't clean it up then these patterns continue to aggregate in a closed loop system.  The goal of this work is to help wake you up faster, reclaim who you are and free yourself "perceptively" from what you think this reality is versus what is actually is-- a big game of learning.  Those of us who have been fortunate enough to clear away enough of our own BS and come "online" can see beyond the veils and in the unseen, where the truth of the information really is, and from this perspective help you clear away the patterns that are keeping you in stagnation at frequency level to help you change faster, evolve higher and have an all around more joyful and peaceful life.  Pretty cool huh?

Unlike other modalities (and believe me I've tried them all) Frequency works at your original blueprint level- your sonic fingerprint. By deleting and/ or re-sequencing transgenerational epigenetic patterning at a subatomic or quantum level, how you create your reality begins to shift. Pattern removal happens in layers, so its not usually a one and done thing but it's Talie's mission to teach others to do this for themselves like she is already doing. 

Let's talk about expectations. There are two types of folks who come in. Those who are usually fearful, tend to be controlled or are controlling, who want measurable results. That's totally understandable, but here's the irony, these patterns are stickkyyyyy little f*ckers and are usually connected to deep trauma, wounding and other inherited patterning that take a little longer than others. I know this first hand because I had ALL of them and more, kickstarting the momentum is the key, eventually there will be some crunchy moments, headaches, body pain and a lot of the same old shit presenting itself until you do something different. THEN, there are those who simply let go of shit super fast and are ready to move onto the next. If this is you, you will have little to no detox. 

When clearing at such a deep level some detox is inevitable, even is you feel "slightly off" after sessions. It's like working out after not doing so in a while your muscles are sore in places you didn't think you had muscles-- it's similar. For example if you cleared a bunch of patterns around control you may be presented with situations or opportunities to confirm delete these patters the following days by making different decisions-- contrary action equals contrary behavior. 

YES! I came across this as I was writing my book which comes out in FALL btw! Its how we see ourselves in a perpetual state of enslavement, and therefore I called it S L A V E, all of which lead eventually to FEAR, what do we FEAR? So, let’s break down S-Sacrifice + Control, L-Lack and Scarcity, A- Addiction & Abuse, V-Victim and Self-Value, E-Emotions and Epigenetics. If you’re like me you may run all of them. Good times. This is how the elites control us, and our goal here is to liberate ourselves from this closed-loop systems by seeing the illusion for what it is—non-reality appearing real. Just we are non-local awareness separate from space and time, having a limited human experience. Pay attention to how these patterns are creating your thoughts, behaviors and actions. How are you creating your life?